Azure PowerShell on the Cloud

Azure PowerShell on the Cloud
Azure PowerShell on the Cloud
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Administer and automate your IaaS resources with Microsoft Azure Resource Manager and PowerShell from the command line

Microsoft Azure provides organizations with resources available on demand, and with the ability to resize and scale those resources to meet current demands. But knowing Azure isn’t enough to take your career to the highest levels. PowerShell and the Azure RM modules give you the perfect management tool to script and automate your Azure infrastructure.

In this course, you will start by learning the core concepts of working with Azure, including getting signed in, saving credentials, and working with resource groups. You will learn how to use Azure PowerShell to manage three of the most useful infrastructure resources Azure customers use in their environments: storage, network, and virtual machines. You will also learn how to deploy Azure resources through Azure RM templates.

By the end of the course you will know everything you need to create, manage and operate virtual machines and their underlying storage and network components in your Azure cloud environment, all with the latest version of PowerShell.

A practical guide demonstrating how to use PowerShell to administer and deploy Azure RM Infrastructures. This course will take you through the most important features of cloud management using PowerShell

What You Will Learn

  • Select subscriptions and use persistent logins in Azure PowerShell, Windows PowerShell, PowerShell Core, and the Azure Cloud Shell
  • Use Azure resources to view and format both simple and complex property types
  • Create new Azure storage, network, and virtual machine resources
  • Configure and perform operations on Azure resources
  • Use Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates to deploy infrastructures
  • Effective cloud and resource management with PowerShell