Building Intelligent Chatbots on AWS

Building Intelligent Chatbots on AWS
Building Intelligent Chatbots on AWS
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Voice control and interaction is becoming more common—and more expected from our apps. Amazon Lex provides speech recognition and natural language understanding, allowing developers to build their own custom logic around it. This course introduces a specific use case for Lex: intelligent chatbots that can respond to and redirect customer inquiries. Discover how to use the Lex API and CLI, build and test your bot, and configure the prompts and responses that will make your bot seem trustworthy and useful. Instructor Bear Cahill also explains how to publish your bot to the Amazon cloud and leverage lambdas—serverless functions—for user data validation and intent fulfillment. By the end of the course, you’ll know how to build smart, sophisticated chatbots and use Lex to do all the heavy lifting.

Topics include:

  • Introducing Amazon Lex
  • Lex API and CLI
  • Creating the bot
  • Testing the bot
  • Defining slot types
  • Configuring input and confirmation prompts
  • Designing responses
  • Publishing the bot
  • Creating and connecting lambdas
Table of Contents

1 Creating chatbots
2 What you should know

AWS Lex Overview
3 Introduction to AWS Lex
4 AWS account and console
5 Chatbot concepts
6 Lex API and CLI

Creating a Bot
7 Lex bot creation
8 Intents
9 Kicking off the conversation
10 Testing the bot

Slots and Slot Types
11 Built-in slot types
12 Define slot types
13 User input in prompts
14 Confirmation prompts

15 Response message
16 Response card
17 Waiting for user reply

18 Publish the bot
19 Connect to client
20 Prepping the app
21 Connecting to Lex
22 Testing the bot with audio
23 Testing the bot with text

Functionality with Lambdas
24 Lex and Lambdas
25 BookTrip sample bot
26 Creating and connecting Lambdas
27 Testing with Lambdas

28 Next steps