Cisco Core Security: Network Security Fundamentals

Cisco Core Security: Network Security Fundamentals
Cisco Core Security: Network Security Fundamentals
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Properly architecting and securing Cisco networking devices will ensure that your network is protected. This course will teach you different deployment models and how to secure the management, control, and data planes of Cisco networking devices.

Not knowing how to properly deploy and secure different Cisco Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems, or networking devices can leave your network inefficient and vulnerable to attack. In this course, Cisco Core Security: Network Security Fundamentals, you will learn the foundational knowledge of deploying Cisco’s security products effectively, and how to properly securing each plane. First, you will learn how to leverage Cisco’s Validated Designs to properly architect your network. Next, you will learn how to leverage NetFlow to validate the data traversing your network. Finally, you will explore how to secure the management plane and implement control and data plane hardening techniques on Cisco Routers, Switches, and Wireless LAN Controllers. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of designing and hardening Cisco security devices needed to produce efficient networks that are secure.

Table of Contents

Course Overview
1 Course Overview

Comparing Network Security Solutions & Deployment Models
2 Course Introduction
3 Cisco SAFE and CVDs
4 Architectures
5 Designing & Deploying Firewall Solutions
6 Designing & Deploying IPS Solutions
7 Additional Integrations for Firepower and ASAs

Describing Components, Capabilities, & Benefits of NetFlow
8 Module Intro
9 NetFlow Introduction
10 NetFlow Benefits
11 NetFlow Versions & Flow Standards
12 Cisco Stealthwatch

Securing the Management Plane
13 Mod Intro, Physical Security, & the 3 Planes of A Device
14 Telnet, HTTPS, SSH, & HTTPs
15 AAA
18 Additional Protocol Security
19 Management Plane ACLs & Module Summary

Securing the Control Plane and Data Plane on Cisco Routers
20 Module Intro
21 Securing EIGRP
22 Securing RIP
23 Securing OSPF
24 Securing BGP
25 Access Control Lists
26 Creating Extended ACLs
27 Applying ACLs and Other ACL Types
28 Policy Maps, NBAR, URPF, & TCP Intercept
29 Control Plane Policing & Module Summary

Securing the Control Plane and Data Plane on Cisco Switches
30 Module Intro
31 Securing Spanning Tree Protocol
32 Securing Virtual Trunking Protocol
33 Port Security
34 DHCP Snooping
35 Dynamic ARP Inspection
36 Segmentation and Private VLANs
37 Protecting Against Segmentation Attacks & Traffic Filtering at Layer 2
38 Storm Control

Configuring Wireless LAN Controller Device Hardening Methods
39 Module Intro
40 Wireless Security Overview
41 Adding Encryption to Wireless LANs
42 Configuring WPA2 Enterprise
43 Securing the Management Plane on a Wireless LAN Controller
44 Course Summary