Cloud Computing Careers and Certifications: First Steps

Cloud Computing Careers and Certifications: First Steps
Cloud Computing Careers and Certifications: First Steps
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Do you want to start a career in cloud computing, but don’t know where to begin? If so, this course can help by providing an ideal foundational mapping of the career paths and certifications that IT professionals should consider if they’re interested in transitioning to cloud computing. Instructor and cloud architect Lynn Langit covers a variety of career paths, including IT pro, developer, analyst, and architect roles. Throughout the course, she focuses on the major cloud platforms—AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and Alibaba—discusses certifications available for each, and explores the future of cloud computing careers.

Topics include:

  • IT pro roles: developer, analyst, and architect
  • IT pro skills: virtualization, networking, and scripting
  • Certifications: AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM
  • Programming languages
  • Cloud career paths
  • Emerging technologies and careers
Table of Contents

1 Moving towards the cloud
2 Who should watch this course
3 A note about working with cloud services
4 About cloud careers
5 Roles
6 IT pro roles
7 Developer roles
8 Analyst roles
9 Architect roles
10 Virtualization
11 Networking
12 Security
13 Monitoring
14 Scaling
15 Scripting
16 Programming
17 Database
18 Analyst
19 Programming languages
20 Vendor cloud certifications
21 AWS certifications
22 Azure certifications
23 GCP certifications
24 Alibaba certifications
25 Other vendors certifications
26 IT pro to…
27 Dev to…
28 Analyst to…
29 Architect to…
30 Emerging technologies and careers
31 Resources for cloud machine learning
32 Cost management
33 Communities Vendor MVPs
34 Next steps