Cloud Security Considerations for the Financial Services Industry

Cloud Security Considerations for the Financial Services Industry
Cloud Security Considerations for the Financial Services Industry
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Cloud computing has real-world security implications for a number of industries. The financial services industry faces unique cybersecurity challenges, including rules and regulations to prevent fraud and protect consumer data. This course explores the cloud security requirements specific to finance, broken down by region: Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Oceania, Africa, and the Americas. Instructor Kevin L. Jackson provides a preliminary overview of cloud computing and its vulnerabilities, as well as the financial services industry’s approach to cybersecurity in general. He then provides regional breakdowns, exploring security requirements for each area. The course concludes with a review of key threats and some real-world case studies that show how different security controls can be used to defend enterprises from similar attacks.

Topics include:

  • Cloud computing drivers
  • Deployment and services models
  • Attack vectors
  • Cyberthreats to financial services
  • Regional requirements for data privacy and protection
  • Regional risk and compliance requirements
  • Case studies in financial cloud security
Table of Contents

1 Protecting financial data
2 Security for the financial industry
3 What you should know

Cloud Computing Overview
4 Cloud-computing characteristics
5 Cloud-computing key drivers
6 Critical vulnerabilities
7 Deployment models
8 Infrastructure attack vectors
9 IT implementation options
10 Service models
11 Software attack vectors

Financial Services Industry’s Approach to Cybersecurity
12 Cyber organizations in financial services
13 Cyber threats to financial services
14 Examining security requirements within the financial services industry

Regional Data Protection and Privacy Requirements
15 Data and privacy in Australia
16 Data and privacy in Brazil
17 Data and privacy in China
18 Data and privacy in Germany
19 Data and privacy in India
20 Data and privacy in Japan
21 Data and privacy in Russia
22 Data and privacy in Switzerland
23 Data and privacy in the Middle East and Africa
24 Data and privacy in the UK
25 Data and privacy in the United States
26 Data protection and privacy requirements
27 Geographic impact

Regional Risk and Compliance Requirements
28 Examining risk and compliance requirements
29 Risk and compliance requirements in Europe
30 Risk and compliance requirements in Oceania and Asia
31 Risk and compliance requirements in the Americas

Key Threats and Controls in Financial Cloud Security
32 Case study – Dirty COW
33 Case study – NetTraveler
34 Treacherous 12

35 Next steps