Complete MySQL Database Course: Go from zero to hero

Complete MySQL Database Course: Go from zero to hero
Complete MySQL Database Course: Go from zero to hero
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Learn about MySQL Database from scratch. Go from zero to hero in MySQL Database with this complete course

Welcome to the course “Complete MySQL Database Course: Go from zero to hero”. In this course, you will learn about MySQL Database from scratch.

We will assume that you are a complete beginner and by the end of the course you will be at an advanced level. In this complete course, you shall get a demonstration of every single topic that we have explained.

This course is fully practical without neglecting the theories and basics.

Join Us! Become an advanced web developer from scratch.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn and Understand MySQL Database From scratch
  • Learn The Basics Of MySQL Database
  • Learn Advanced Of MySQL Database
  • Learn About MySQL Database With Hands-On Tutorials
  • A Complete Course Explaining About MySQL Database
  • Step by Step Instructions So That You Can Go From Zero to Hero!
  • A Guide To Use These Skills To Get A Better Job And Making Money Online As A Freelancer
  • Get Answers To Your Every Single Question From An Experienced It Professional
Table of Contents

Complete MySQL Database – Zero to Hero
1 Introduction to MySQL Databases
2 Selecting Clauses
3 Using Filtering Clause
4 DML Commands
5 DDL Commands
6 In Between and Like Clauses
7 Handling Null Values
8 Order By and Limit Clause
9 Case Statement
10 String Functions
11 Date Functions
12 Null Related Functions
13 Understanding Group Functions
14 Using Group Functions
15 By Clause
16 By Clause Function
17 Getting Clause In MySQL
18 Primary Key constraint
19 Not null Constraint
20 Understanding Foreign Key Constraint
21 Foreign Key Constraint
22 Joins
23 Inner Joins
24 Outer Joins
25 Self Joins
26 Subquery
27 Multiple Row Subquery
28 Correlated
29 Indexes
30 Clustered and Secondary Index
31 Understanding Cursors In Mysql
32 Cursors In Mysql
33 Understanding Views In MySQL
34 Using Views In MySQL
35 Understanding Stored Procedures
36 Using Stored Procedures
37 Understanding Triggers
38 Using Triggers