CySA+ Cert Prep: 4 Security Governance

CySA+ Cert Prep: 4 Security Governance
CySA+ Cert Prep: 4 Security Governance
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CySA+ is a highly desirable, intermediate certification that shows you know how to prevent, detect, and combat a multitude of modern cybersecurity threats. CySA+ Cert Prep: 4 prepares students for the first part of domain four, Security Architecture and Tool Sets. Follow along with instructor Mike Chapple and learn about security governance, security policies and procedures, regulatory compliance, and auditing practices to measure the effectiveness of your security program. Discover how to inject security into human resources and keep your personnel and company safe. Find out how to raise awareness of threats and conduct mandatory and optional training. Plus, explore how to enforce security in vendor relationships and integrate systems and data from third parties. Completing this course, along with the other six courses in the series, will help you prepare to become a CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst and ensure that your organization is properly insulated from risk.

Topics include:

  • Security governance
  • Security roles and responsibilities
  • Security policies
  • Complying with laws and regulations
  • Auditing and assessing security
  • Personnel security
  • Security training
  • Vendor management
Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 What you need to know

Security Governance
3 Aligning security with the business
4 Organizational processes
5 Security roles and responsibilities
6 Security control selection and implementation
7 Control frameworks

Security Policy
8 Security policy framework
9 Security policies
10 Understand account and privilege management
11 Account policies
12 Password policies
13 Data security policies
14 Data security roles
15 Information classification

Regulatory Compliance
16 Legislative and regulatory compliance
17 Privacy compliance
18 Computer crimes
19 Intellectual property
20 Software licensing
21 Import and export controls
22 Data breaches

Assessing Security Processes
23 Management review
24 Metrics and measurements
25 Audits and assessments
26 Control management
27 Certification and accreditation
28 Maturity models

Personnel Security
29 Employee security
30 Security in the hiring process
31 Employee termination process
32 Employee privacy
33 Social networking
34 Personnel safety
35 Employee development

Awareness and Training
36 Security policy training and procedures
37 Compliance training
38 User habits
39 User-based threats
40 Measuring compliance and security posture
41 Awareness program reviews

Vendor Management
42 Managing vendor relationships
43 Vendor agreements
44 Vendor information management
45 Security as a service
46 Identity as a service IDaaS

47 Next steps