Docker for Java Developers

Docker for Java Developers
Docker for Java Developers
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Leverage Docker for end-to-end automation of Java development

Docker is the world’s leading software container platform. Developers use Docker to eliminate “works on my machine” problems when collaborating on code with co-workers. Docker is a command-line program, a background daemon, and a set of remote services that take a logistical approach to solve common software problems.

This course starts with the key concepts of containerization and Docker. Next, you’ll see the need for containerization and how Docker is tackling those problems. You will build and monitor the status of containers using the Docker shell, and supervise containers. Then, using a Docker file, you’ll create a simple java application that will be containerized inside Docker. All installation will be easily distributed in a Docker image that contains Java. The final section is dedicated to more advanced use cases, and you’ll see how to automate more complex architectures using Docker.

At the end of the course, you’ll run software in containers and understand why delivering software using containers is a lot faster and more reliable. You’ll know what problems containerization software solves. So, grab this course and build great software with Docker!

A hands-on guide to experimenting with Docker command line and understand the Docker technology. Delve into the key concepts that are behind automation of deployment with the help of use case of Docker.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the problems that Docker solves and make your foundation strong
  • Know when to use Docker and install Docker on your local machine
  • Build and run your first container
  • Integrate Docker with Docker-maven-plugin
  • See how to create Dockerfiles that can be containerized
  • Explore Docker to automate, build, and deploy more complex distributed architectures
  • Handle persistence inside Docker images
  • Build a distributed architecture using swarm with Docker
Table of Contents

The Course Overview
Introduction to Docker and Problems It Solves
Practical Use Cases of Docker
Docker Setup
Using and Starting Ready Docker Image from Docker Hub
Learning Docker Command Line
Controlling and Monitoring Containers — Supervising
PID Namespace
Building and Running Our First Container
Building Java Spring Based REST Microservice That Will Be Dockerized
Building Own Docker Image That Contains Java
Using Docker Maven Plugin
Understanding Docker Images and Layers
Versioning Docker Images
Docker Compose – Composing Docker Setup for Complex Architecture
Building, Starting, and Rebuilding Services in the Environment
Handling Persistent State
Building Swarm Cluster with Docker
Integrating Docker with IDEs