End-to-End JavaScript Testing with Cypress.io

End-to-End JavaScript Testing with Cypress.io
End-to-End JavaScript Testing with Cypress.io
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Learn how to set up quick, easy, and automatic JavaScript testing using Cypress.io. Cypress is a cutting-edge testing framework that makes testing JavaScript applications more frictionless. This training course is a rapid introduction to Cypress.io, covering basic and intermediate techniques for writing end-to-end test cases. Learn how to write a simple test, and then use aliases to optimize selections and beforeEach hooks to reduce repetitive code. Instructor Shaun Wassell also shows how to trigger other actions within tests, configure automatic retries, and debug any errors. The course wraps with a look at other useful Cypress commands and features, including intelligent code completion.

Topics include:

  • Advantages and limitations of Cypress.io
  • Writing your first test
  • Selecting and aliasing elements
  • Triggering actions
  • Debugging
  • Useful Cypress.io commands
Table of Contents

1 Test automation with JavaScript
2 What you should know
3 Software installation

Introduction to Cypress.io
4 What is Cypress.io
5 Advantages of Cypress.io
6 Limitations of Cypress.io

The Basics
7 Installing and opening Cypress
8 Writing your first Cypress test
9 Testing text input
10 Selecting elements
11 Aliasing elements
12 Working with command results
13 The beforeEach hook
14 Setting a base URL

Intermediate Concepts
15 Interacting with elements
16 Triggering other actions
17 Common assertions
18 Automatic retrying
19 Debugging in Cypress
20 Environment variables
21 Test doubles

Other Useful Commands
22 The wrap command
23 The and command
24 The filter and not commands
25 Typing special characters
26 Activating code completion

27 Summary