Enterprise Architecture in Practice

Enterprise Architecture in Practice
Enterprise Architecture in Practice
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Enterprise architecture (EA) is largely an art that’s best taught by example. The alignment of technology and business strategies requires a nuanced understanding of how to manage people, processes, and the technical assets that power an organization. In this course, David Swersky focuses on the practical applications of EA as he steps through the technological transformation of a fictional company, Brick and Mortar. Throughout the course, David shows how an executive would assess the technology in use by Brick and Mortar, and then create and execute a plan to modernize. Learn how to build your EA team and produce roadmaps for strategic planning. Plus, discover what the day-to-day operations of an EA team looks like, as well as how to tackle common challenges.

Table of Contents

1 Brick & Mortar The fictional case study

Architecture and the Enterprise
2 Architectural perspective
3 Business architecture
4 Building the EA team
5 Enterprise planning

Enterprise Architecture Services
6 Application inventory management
7 Enterprise standards
8 Technology lifecycles
9 Systems and application design

Enterprise Architecture Operations
10 Enterprise architecture operations
11 Enterprise architecture engagement

Common Challenges in Enterprise Architecture
12 Communication
13 Trust
14 Expectations