Evolutionary Architecture Fundamentals

Evolutionary Architecture Fundamentals
Evolutionary Architecture Fundamentals
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Software architecture has often been described as “the parts that are hard to change later.” But the widespread adoption of microservices demonstrates that when architects build evolvability into the architecture, change becomes easier. This video introduces the principles of evolutionary architecture—the software architecture that supports constant change. Designed for the intermediate-level software architect or developer tasked with migrating to or implementing a new cloud-based or distributed-system architecture, the course equips you with the knowledge and tools you’ll need to put evolutionary architecture into practice.

  • Understand what evolutionary architecture means and get introduced to its constituent parts
  • Explore the engineering practices that augment and enable evolutionary architecture
  • Discover techniques for safely evolving database schemas in parallel with this architecture
  • Learn to overcome the common pitfalls and antipatterns that block evolutionary architecture
  • Understand how to describe evolutionary architecture’s benefits to nontechnical colleagues
  • Master the principles of creating software architecture that supports constant change
Table of Contents

01 What is Evolutionary Architecture
02 Defining Fitness Functions
03 Incremental Change Building Blocks
04 Pitfalls and AntipatternsтАФLack of Speed to Release
05 Combining Incremental Change & Fitness Functions
06 Hypothesis-Driven & Data-Driven Development
07 Understanding architectural characteristics
08 Pitfalls and AntipatternsтАФCode Reuse Abuse
09 Pitfalls and AntipatternsтАФInappropriate Governance
10 Pitfalls and AntipatternsтАФReporting
11 Modularity & Architectural Quantum
12 Pitfalls and AntipatternsтАФProduct Customization
13 Evolvability of Architectural Styles
14 Pitfalls and AntipatternsтАФLeaking Abstractions
15 Evolutionary Data
16 Building Evolvable Architectures
17 Guidelines for Evolutionary Architectures
18 Pitfalls and AntipatternsтАФVendor King
19 Pitfalls and AntipatternsтАФLast 10% Trap
20 Putting Evolutionary Architecture into Practice