Flutter: Part 10 Firebase Cloud Firestore

Flutter: Part 10 Firebase Cloud Firestore
Flutter: Part 10 Firebase Cloud Firestore
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Learn how to build and deploy interactive Flutter apps for iOS and Android with Google Firebase. This project-based course is an advanced use case for Flutter that helps developers build a fully functioning messaging app that can be deployed directly to app stores. Instructor Angela Lu starts by helping you prepare the app screens and classes and add custom interactive animation. Then she shows how to create new Firebase projects for both Android and iOS, integrating user authentication and a Firestore database. She also shows how to stream the messaging data and complete the styling of the app in anticipation of launch. This practical assignment helps illustrate the lessons learned and gives you a fun project to add to your Flutter portfolio.

Topics include:

  • Refactoring routes
  • Customizing Flutter animations
  • Setting up a Firebase project
  • Authenticating users with FirebaseAuth
  • Streaming data from Firestore
Table of Contents

Flutter and Firebase Cloud Firestore – Flash Chat Project
1 Flash chat – A lightning fast messaging app
2 Named routes challenge
3 Dart static modifier
4 Refactor routes with the static const
5 Flutter hero animations
6 Custom Flutter animations with the animation controller
7 Dart mixins
8 Prepackaged Flutter animations
9 Code refactoring challenge
10 Creating a new Firebase project
11 Android Firebase project setup
12 iOS Firebase project setup
13 Firebase Flutter packages setup (iOS and Android)
14 Registering users with Firebase using FirebaseAuth
15 Authenticating users with FirebaseAuth
16 Showing a spinner while the user waits
17 Saving data into Cloud Firestore
18 Listening for data from Firebase using streams
19 Dart streams
20 Stream widgets using the StreamBuilder
21 The Flutter ListView
22 A different UI for different senders
23 Cloud Firestore security rules