Go Standard Library Solutions

Go Standard Library Solutions
Go Standard Library Solutions
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Become productive with Go quickly by mastering the most commonly used packages in the standard library

Go comes out of the box with a full-featured standard library, requiring little in the way of third-party libraries for things like string manipulation, file and network I/O, testing, HTTP servers, and so much more.

In this course, we will dive into the packages that are the most commonly used within the standard library, including fmt, strings, strconv, errors, flag, regexp, io, os, bytes, math, time, archive, compress and image. We will also cover the net/http and context packages packages to build resilient networked applications like HTTP servers and clients. We’ll learn how to take in and serve up JSON for our REST APIs using the encoding/json package. Testing is a first class citizen in Go and we’ll learn how to take full advantage of it using the testing package. Lastly, no Go course would be complete without getting into what draws many to Go in the first place, it’s concurrency primitives and patterns.

What You Will Learn

  • Know how to work with strings, runes, and characters
  • Interact with the underlying OS to perform I/O operations
  • Understand how to handle errors idiomatically
  • Work with math, time, archives, compression, and more
  • See how to build robust HTTP servers
  • Discover how to build REST and JSON APIs
  • Test idiomatically without any third-party packages
  • Leverage concurrency with goroutines and channels
Table of Contents

01 The Course Overview
02 Output Formatting with the fmt Package
03 Input Scanning with the fmt Package
04 Manipulating Strings and Bytes with the Strings and Bytes Packages
05 Converting to and from Strings with the strconv Package
06 Working with Regular Expressions Using the regexp Package
07 Get Comfortable with the Go Build Tools
08 Interact with the Environment through the flag and os Packages
09 Perform File and Directory Manipulation with the os, io, and path Packages
10 Always Handling Our Errors and Using the Errors Package
11 Let's Do Some Math
12 Working with Time
13 Archives and Compression
14 Images
15 Build a Simple Server with Net_Http
16 Middleware
17 Writing Robust HTTP Clients
18 Context
19 Encoding
20 Handling JSON Input and Output
21 Data Storage and Retrieval
22 Testing with the Testing Package
23 Goroutines
24 Channels
25 Synchronization
26 Concurrency Patterns