Hands-On Photoshop for Web Designers

Hands-On Photoshop for Web Designers
Hands-On Photoshop for Web Designers
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Create stunning and modern web projects with Photoshop. Build custom templates and explore external libraries such as HTML Block, CSS3Ps, and Fontea

Photoshop supports web design projects with excellent tools. As a web designer, you need to work with modern and practical features to make your websites look fresh, vibrant, and stunning. You’ll want to utilize Photoshop to achieve graphics and designs that stand out, but there are many lesser-known tools and features you can also take advantage of.

In this course, we’ll delve into key elements for modern web design. We’ll focus on building a responsive design and uncover tips and tricks for implementing different UI elements. You’ll learn to use image modification features to quickly optimize your images.

You’ll build custom templates and work with external libraries such as HTML Block, CSS3Ps, and Fontea; add objects (embedding/linking) and navigation elements; use UI mock-ups and prototyping (including creating reusable UI elements); and learn how important wireframes are as you build your projects.

As a key added-value benefit, you’ll explore different tools to help you automate your web design workflow. By the end of the course, you will be confident about using your Photoshop skills for web design and will be able to consider forging a career as a Photoshop web designer.


  • Develop web design presets and custom templates
  • Develop a responsive design for your web project
  • Use wireframes and smart objects to support your project
  • Modify and set up website templates in Photoshop
  • Discover techniques for creating visual UI elements and making them reusable
  • Create project mock-ups to maximize presentational impact
  • Learn how to use tools to automate your web design workflow
  • Discover best-practices, tips, and tools and create must-have elements for your website
Table of Contents

Getting Started with Photoshop’s Web Design Tools
1 The Course Overview
2 Setting Up Your First Web Dev Project in Photoshop
3 Developing the Structure of Your Website
4 ACreating Your First Layout for Your Design
5 Creating Additional Pages and Links for Your Web Project

Developing Must-Have Elements of Your Web Project
6 Building Main Website Structures – Header, Body, and Footer
7 Developing Navigation Elements, Blocks, and Forms
8 Creating Elements Such as Sliders, Tables, and Buttons
9 Creating Seamless Textures and Backgrounds
10 Creating Reusable UI Elements in Photoshop

Making Your Photoshop Design Responsive
11 Getting Started with the Responsive Design of Web Projects
12 Adjusting Your Design for Different Screen Types and Resolutions
13 Using Smart Objects – Embedded and Linked
14 Responsive Navigation and Seamless Textures
15 Creating Custom Templates and a Style Panel

Creating Mockups and Presenting Your Work Professionally
16 Getting Started with Mockups
17 Exploiting Mockups in Web Design
18 Discovering Wireframes in Photoshop
19 Working with Layer Comps and Tips for Using Them
20 Creating Your First Mockup

Level Up Your Photoshop Web Design Skills
21 Using External Plugins and Libraries
22 Using Templates and Tools for Web Design
23 Automating Your Workflow in Photoshop
24 Getting Started with Freelance Web Design in Photoshop