Introducing Maven

Introducing Maven
Introducing Maven
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Apache Maven is a powerful build system used by thousands of Java developers on enterprise, freelance, and open-source projects. But it can do so much more. This course focuses on the basics of using Maven for dependency management, builds, and reporting. Instructor Frank Moley starts with the foundations: the project object model (POM) and POM elements, including properties and dependencies. He then reviews the build life cycle, showing how to leverage the Core and Tools plugins to automate tasks like cleanup and compile. He also shows how to manage dependencies, including creating uber JAR files to package executables with their dependencies. Finally, he covers reporting with Maven sites and popular plugins. By the end of the course, you should be familiar enough with Maven to use it to meet the needs of almost any Java project, from simple components to unique customized builds.

Topics include:

  • Exploring POM files
  • The build life cycle
  • Using build plugins
  • Dependency management with Maven
  • Maven reporting
  • Working with Maven sites
Table of Contents

1 Building Java the Maven way
2 What you need to know

Maven Basics
3 Introduction to Apache Maven
4 The Java project structure
5 The POM file
6 POM properties
7 Dependencies
8 Build
9 Reporting
10 Reactors and parents
11 Understanding archetypes

12 Introduction to the build lifecycle
13 Leveraging build plugins
14 Core plugins
15 Tools plugins
16 Packaging plugins

17 Scope
18 Transitive dependencies
19 Dependency management
20 Dependency goals
21 Uber JARs

22 Maven sites
23 Site look and feel
24 Common reporting plugins

25 Next steps