Introduction to Typescript

Introduction to Typescript
Introduction to Typescript
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TypeScript is JavaScript supercharged! Its productivity-enhancing features, such as optional static typing, enhanced IDE support, and auto-complete, make this open-source JavaScript extension a popular tool with web developers building feature-rich applications. In the video course Introduction to TypeScript, experienced technical trainer Tamas Piros teaches you TypeScript basics like data types, generics, typings, and debugging. You’ll also explore how TypeScript integrates with the Angular framework, which was built using TypeScript. By the end of this visual journey, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to apply TypeScript to your next web project.

Building on the familiar JavaScript syntax and structures, TypeScript provides a strong type system and inline error flagging. With the precision types added to your code, you’ll more easily take advantage of best practices like code refactoring and type annotations. Since TypeScript compiles to clean and simple JavaScript code, you can confidently run your TypeScript apps on any browser. TypeScript is fully interoperable with all JavaScript libraries, so new and evolving JavaScript features are at your fingertips.

Introduction to TypeScript teaches you everything you need to know to get started writing awesome web apps with TypeScript. First, you’ll review the relevant ECMAScript foundations that will enhance your first steps down the TypeScript road. Then, after setting up your programming environment, you’ll explore primitive data types like Boolean, numbers, and strings, as well as non-primitive data types like arrays, tuples, and enums. Your next stop will be object-oriented programming concepts including interfaces, classes, access modifiers, and abstract methods.

As you work through this course, you’ll discover generics and how to use them, and progress further into typings, including how to apply them to third-party libraries. You’ll also learn to efficiently transpile TypeScript to JavaScript with and without the open-source module bundler Webpack. With the 45 comprehensive videos in this course, you’ll have a rock-solid foundation and a collection of instantly-useful skills for building strong, safe, web apps!


  • Setting up your programming environment
  • Primitive and non-primitive data types
  • Object-oriented programming in TypeScript
  • Generics and how to use them
  • Applying typings to third-party libraries
  • Transpiling TypeScript code to JavaScript
  • Debugging TypeScript code
Table of Contents

1 ECMA International
2 ‘const’ and ‘var’ – new ways to declare variables
3 Working with Objects and Arrays the ES2015 way
4 Arrow functions
5 Rest, Spread operator and Default function parameters
6 Template literals
7 Classes in ECMAScript 2015
8 Modules (in TypeScript)
9 What is TypeScript
10 Installing a code editor (Visual Studio Code)
11 Configuring TypeScript via tsconfig.json
12 Executing TypeScript Code
13 Boolean
14 Number
15 String
16 Using all primitive data types
17 Arrays
18 Tuple
19 Enum
20 Any
21 Never
22 Null and Undefined
23 Void
24 Functions
25 Type
26 Type assertion
27 Objects
28 Interfaces
29 Type vs Interface
30 Using the ‘extends’ keyword
31 Interface – index signature
32 Data types and optional parameters for functions
33 Classes in TypeScript
34 Access modifiers
35 Using the ‘implements’ keyword
36 Creating abstract classes and methods
37 Putting everything together
38 Using generics in TypeScript
39 Typings for third party libraries
40 Use Webpack with TypeScript for transpilation
41 Linting TypeScript code
42 Enable linting via Webpack
43 Debugging TypeScript code
44 Use SystemJS with TypeScript
45 Use RequireJS with TypeScript