Java EE 8 High Performance [Video]

Java EE 8 High Performance [Video]
Java EE 8 High Performance [Video]
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Troubleshooting performance measures and optimizations for your Java EE Applications

Java EE 8 High Performance aims how to use Java EE for mission- or performance-critical applications. How to monitor the state and performance metrics of your program in a distributed environment. To make use of concurrency and multiple cores provided by modern processor architectures plus the support offered by Java 8. Common pitfalls and How you can scale your application to meet higher demand by adding cluster and load-balancing techniques. As well as optimization tools and frameworks like the Java Cache standard, Eclipse Collections or Javolution.

The course starts with the basics of Java Concurrency, Java EE Concurrency, followed by Caching solutions and High-Performance frameworks for Java SE and EE. Then, learn Troubleshooting performance problems, Monitoring the JVM stats and wider Performance Monitoring as well as Tools for Stress and Load Testing.

What You Will Learn

  • Optimize your Java Enterprise application by introducing asynchronous behavior
  • Use new features added in Java SE and EE 8
  • Proactively monitor the performance and state of your system
  • Analyse and visualize key performance metrics
  • Conduct Load and Stress tests to check for hidden bottlenecks or errors in your application
  • Add a cache to your system or applying libraries for real-time and high-performance
  • Optimize your Java EE applications
Table of Contents

1 The Course Overview
2 Multithreading Basics
3 Garbage Collection
4 Lambda Parallelism
5 CompletableFuture

Java EE Concurrency
6 Options for Asynchronous Execution
7 Java EE Multithreading in the Past
8 Java EE Concurrency Utilities
9 CDI Concurrency

10 JCache
11 Ehcache
12 Hazelcast
13 Coherence
14 Infinispan

High Performance Java
15 Javolution
16 Trove4J
17 Eclipse Collections

High Performance Java EE
18 DB Performance
19 Web Service Performance
20 CDI Performance
21 Clustering

22 Concurrency Problems
23 Memory Issues
24 Other Issues

JVM Monitoring
25 JConsole
26 VisualVM
27 Java Mission Control

Performance Monitoring
28 Batch Monitoring
29 Performance Co-Pilot
30 Dropwizard Metrics
31 MicroProfile Monitoring
32 Prometheus
33 GraphiteGrafana

Stress Testing
34 JMeter
35 The Grinder
36 Gatling