JavaScript War card game project from Scratch

JavaScript War card game project from Scratch
JavaScript War card game project from Scratch
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Explore how to build this JavaScript Game from Scratch based on the card game war. Step by step learning JavaScript

Learn how to use JavaScript to build a web project from Scratch!

This course will demonstrate how to build a complete interactive web card game from start to finish. All the source code is included . Learn from setup to completion step by step tutorials.

Basic JavaScript and CSS is required as the scope of this course is to demonstrate working with JavaScript to build web applications.

This course is perfect to learn more about writing JavaScript within a fun dynamic project. Learn the core concepts of web development and how to apply JavaScript to make your project come to life.

The best way to learn is to practice and this project is a great place to start and challenge yourself to see what you can do with JavaScript. Card war is a simple game with straight forward rules and it makes a great digital project. The rules require a dealing of cards to each player, then taking the top card and seeing which player has the highest card. The high card wins the pot and the won cards then go to the bottom of the players stack. The first player to run out of cards loses! Within the course we simulate this game using the rules and apply them with JavaScript. Using functions, ternary statements, loops, intervals, variables, arrays, objects together to build the game.

Learn by examples - source code is included to get you started quickly

What Will I Learn?

  • build an application from scratch
  • learn to apply JavaScript code
  • use JavaScript within web applications
Table of Contents

01 Introduction to JavaScript Game Project Course
02 course setup and resources
03 Build structure for gameplay
04 eventlisteners in JavaScript DOM
05 Source Code
06 build deck of cards
07 Random Array Shuffle Cards
08 Source Code
09 Modulus and Multidimensional Arrays
10 exerciset
10 Source Code
11 card shift and storage to inplay array
12 Create Card output for players
13 CSS styling playing cards
14 Card battle check for winner
15 exerciset
15 Source Code
16 Create Battle Mode loop JavaScript functions
17 debugging and tweaking
18 add automation tweaks to gameplay
19 Source Code
20 Code overview conclusion
21 Resourcest