Keras in Motion

Keras in Motion
Keras in Motion
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"A great introduction to using Keras for deep learning."
Daniel Williams, Software Professional

Keras in Motion teaches you to build neural-network models for real-world data problems using Python and Keras. In over two hours of hands-on, practical video lessons, you'll apply Keras to common machine learning scenarios, ranging from regression and classification to implementing Autoencoders and applying transfer learning. In each crystal-clear video module, you'll put your new knowledge into practice, as you teach your network to recognize text and even create an algorithm for a self-driving car!

What you will learn:

  • Regression and classification problems
  • Using neural networks for image processing
  • Building autoencoders
  • Designing and implementing a self-driving car
  • Hands-on coding with practical examples

Designed for intermediate-level data scientists, developers, and machine learning engineers. Code examples are in Python.

Table of Contents

01 What is Keras
02 Installation
03 Fitting Lines
04 Linear Regression in Keras
05 Predicting Categories
06 Logistic Regression in Keras
07 Exploring Font Data
08 Neural Networks Review
09 Neural Networks in Keras
10 Finding Simple Features
11 Convolutional Neural Networks in Keras
12 Visualization and Wrap Up
13 Exploring Self Driving Car Data
14 Simple Steering Model
15 Convolutional Steering Model
16 Combined Steering Throttle Model
17 Summary and Extensions
18 Introduction to Autoencoders
19 Autoencoding MNIST Digits
20 Transfer Learning
21 Course Review
22 Converting Keras1 to Keras2