Kotlin/Native and Multiplatform

Kotlin/Native and Multiplatform
Kotlin/Native and Multiplatform
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In this course, you will be introduced to Kotlin/Native and build a Kotlin Multiplatform app that runs on both iOS and Android using shared Kotlin code.

This course is for mobile developers interested in learning how to introduce code-sharing between their iOS and Android app projects by leveraging the Kotlin/Native compiler and adopting the Kotlin Multiplatform approach.

You should be familiar with either iOS or Android development, and have at least some basic knowledge of developing for both of the platforms. You should also have experience with using the Kotlin language and be comfortable using the command line.

iOS developers new to Android and Kotlin will want to learn the basics of Android and Kotlin development prior to beginning the course.

Covered concepts

  • Kotlin/Native
  • Kotlin Multiplatform
  • Sharing code between iOS/Android
  • expect and actual keywords
  • Ktor client and Coroutines
  • Serialization
  • AppCode for Multiplatform
Table of Contents

1 Promo
2  Introduction
3  Kotlin-Native and Kotlin Multiplatform
4  Installing Konan
5  Your First Kotlin-Native Program
6  Challenge – Kotlin-Native Program
7  Challenge – Kotlin Scripting
8  Kotlin IDEs
9  Conclusion
10  Introduction
11  Creating a Multiplatform Project
12  Shared Build Script
13  expect and actual
14  Shared Library from Android
15  Creating the iOS Project
16  Shared Library from iOS
17  Challenge – Shared Library
18  Conclusion
19  Introduction
20  Ktor and Coroutines
21  CoroutineContext
22  Shared Repository and Presenter
23  Shared Presenter from Android
24  Shared Presenter from iOS
25  Serialization
26  The Android UI
27  The iOS UI
28  Conclusion
29  Introduction
30  AppCode – Getting Started
31  AppCode iOS App
32  Debugging
33  Gotchas
34  Conclusion