Learning Zsh

Learning Zsh
Learning Zsh
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The Z-Shell, or Zsh, is a powerful shell that helps you get your command-line tasks done quickly and effectively. It’s widely available and is the new default shell on macOS. While Zsh is largely compatible with Bash, it offers many useful features—from history recall to spell-check—that can enhance your workflow. In this course, discover how Zsh works, how to configure it, and how to extend it with plugins. Instructor Scott Simpson goes over the many capabilities of Zsh, highlighting functionality that Zsh offers that other shells may not.

Topics include:

  • Using Zsh as your primary shell
  • Functions in Zsh
  • Navigating your file system with Zsh
  • Finding files and commands
  • Autocompletion in Zsh
  • Recalling and using previous commands
  • Writing scripts using Zsh
  • Configuring Zsh
  • Customizing the prompt
Table of Contents

1 Introducing Zsh
2 Installation and initial configuration
3 Using Zsh as your primary shell
4 Environment and options
5 Aliases and reserved words
6 Functions
7 Builtins and commands
8 Finding help
9 Autocd and cd shorthand
10 Directory stack and user dirs
11 Finding files and commands
12 Autocompletion
13 Redirection and multios
14 Command history
15 History shell variables
16 Expansions
17 Renaming files with zmv
18 Scripting
19 Configuration files
20 Customizing the prompt
21 Using the Oh-My-Zsh configuration manager
22 Using Powerline themes
23 Next steps