macOS for IT Administrators

macOS for IT Administrators
macOS for IT Administrators
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Effectively work with macOS systems as an IT administrator. In this course, instructor Sean Colins reviews the fundamentals of how the macOS works and how it interacts with management tools, networks, and server systems. Along the way, Sean provides important information regarding the administration of a wide range of macOS versions, and in many cases, when there are breakpoints in a feature or pitfalls that admins should watch out for. He goes over the overall organization of the operating system; what happens at each phase of the startup of a macOS system; MDM management; how Kerberos works in Active Directory; important Apple SSO details; how caching works; how to leverage command-line options for configuration and reporting of the caching service, and much more.

Topics include:

  • Backing up macOS
  • Administering apps in the enterprise
  • Network ports you need to know
  • Reviewing logs in the Console
  • Key commands and shortcuts
  • Working with MDM
  • Scripting solutions to problems
  • Remote administration tools and techniques
  • How Kerberos works in Active Directory
  • Important Apple SSO details
  • Working with FileVault and Gateway
  • Writing scripts to automate administration
  • Guidance on where to go to learn more
  • How macOS startup works
Table of Contents

1 Airdropped into macOS
2 What you should know
3 Philosophy of macOS administration
4 The many layers of macOS
5 Multi-domain system admin
6 Kernel extensions and system extensions
7 What is a plist file
8 The startup process
9 Modifying the startup process
10 Using Safe Mode
11 Backing up
12 Installing macOS
13 Creating an OS install device
14 Local users and groups
15 How Kerberos works
16 Accessing Kerberized services
17 Enterprise network integration with SSO
18 Administer apps in the enterprise
19 Sidecar
20 Key commands and shortcuts
21 Network ports you need to know
22 Reading and collecting logs
23 Printer administration
24 Administer gatekeeper
25 Accessing filesharing
26 Troubleshooting file sharing connections
27 Local and remote administration
28 Use SSH to admin a Mac
29 Use ARD or VNC to admin a Mac
30 Understand MDM
31 Work with MDM
32 Creating profiles
33 Deploying profiles
34 Control caching on your network
35 How caching works
36 Cache server advanced administration
37 Using the defaults system
38 Creating your script
39 FileVault administration
40 Changes in Catalina
41 Next steps