Mastering D3.js 5

Mastering D3.js 5
Mastering D3.js 5
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Link & Build real-time visualizations, Integrate third-party APIs, Build Interactive & Responsive projects and more

Curious about creating advanced visual representations of your data? Do you want to go beyond adding stunning interactive charts to your web project? Are you looking to build a reusable library of charts for your work? Then, this course is for you!

This course focuses on the features in the latest version of D3. D3’s comprehensive JavaScript library for interacting with the dom, connecting data to elements in the dom, animating elements, and working with data are supremely helpful for crafting unique, styled, and reusable visualizations for the browser.

Take this course and you’ll learn to make powerful visual representations of data using D3. Become a master at topics like making visualizations responsive, integrating 3rd party API data into visualizations, interactive and color-coded mapping, linking charts together for updates across visualizations, and more.

This is a live-coding, hands-on, ‘code-along’ style learning course. This course will help anyone with some D3 experience, willingness and focus to become an expert in the tooling D3.js offers for data manipulation, analysis, and visualization.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover new tools for working with data by using the D3 API, in order to more readily assess, understand, & analyze the stories behind the data.
  • Equip yourself for multi-layered analysis by building visual data representations that approach data from several angles, connecting different types of visualizations to the same data sources.
  • Develop your own reusable visualization toolset, for fitting graphs and charts into any web situation, ready to consume many types of incoming data.
  • Build flashy looking data visualizations that are both great to look at and fun to interact with, enabling more successful data exploration and data explanation.
  • Increase your value to your peers and superiors by broadening your skillset, polishing your D3 talents, and expanding your ability to present meaningful & engaging data analysis.