Mastering Regular Expressions in JavaScript

Mastering Regular Expressions in JavaScript
Mastering Regular Expressions in JavaScript
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Full of Opportunities to Learn by Doing in Order to Unlock the Power of Regular Expressions in Your Code

Regular expressions can help you more easily solve programming problems. They are an important tool in your coding toolbox. If you have dabbled with regular expressions or not even used them before, this course is for you. You will learn the syntax and participate in numerous examples and exercise to help you integrate regular expressions into your JavaScript coding.

In Mastering Regular Expressions in JavaScript we focus on two main goals: Helping you learn regular expressions and how to construct them, and teaching you the powerful ways regular expressions can be used in JavaScript. If you work in the JavaScript language, this course will be most useful, but even if you work in another language you can use this course to learn about regular expressions as the syntax applies to many programming languages.

This course contains 9 sections, 55 different lectures, over 5 hours of video tutorials, 5 exercises, 5 quizzes and 10 application lectures that will make sure you have what you need to use regular expressions in your JavaScript coding work.

If you are ready to master regular expressions, this course is for you!

What you’ll learn

  • Create basic regular expressions for matching data.
  • Make use of all the JavaScript methods that accept regular expressions.
  • Understand the differences between the varied JavaScript methods used with regular expressions.
  • Test regular expressions before deploying them in your code.
  • Understand regular expression syntax.
  • Define more complex patterns using regular expressions.
  • Use metacharacters and characters sets in defining patterns.
  • Take advantage of repetition and grouping.
  • Use anchored expressions and lookahead assertions correctly.
  • Include unicode when necessary.
  • Solve common regular expression problems in JavaScript.
Table of Contents

1 Introduction

Getting Started with Regular Expressions
2 Regular Expressions A Short History
3 Getting Started
4 Using Regular Expressions in JavaScript
5 Understanding Regular Expression Flags
6 Using Regexpal

Specifying Characters in Regular Expressions
7 Understanding Metacharacters
8 Using the Wildcard
9 Escaping Metacharacters
10 Matching Control Characters
11 Exercise 1 Start
12 Exercise 1 Finish

Working with Character Sets
13 Using Character Sets
14 Specifying a Range in a Character Set
15 Excluding a Character Set
16 Escaping Metacharacters in a Character Set
17 Using Shorthand for Character Sets
18 Exercise 2 Start
19 Exercise 2 Finish

Using Repetition in Regular Expressions
20 Using Repetition in Your Patterns
21 Understanding Greediness and Laziness in Regular Expressions
22 Specifying a Repetition Amount
23 Revisiting Greedy and Lazy Concepts
24 Exercise 3 Start
25 Exercise 3 End

Using Anchored Expressions
26 Understanding Anchored Expressions
27 Using Start and End Anchors
28 Using the Multi-line Flag
29 Working with Word Boundaries
30 Writing Accurate Regular Expressions
31 Exercise 4 Start
32 Exercise 4 Finish

Working with Alternates and Groups
33 Specifying Options
34 Exercise 5 End
35 Using Grouping
36 Using Grouping with JavaScript
37 Understanding Capturing Groups
38 Understanding Group Back References
39 Using Lookahead Groups
40 Using Negative Lookahead Groups
41 Exercise 5 Start

Working with Unicode
42 Introducing Unicode
43 Using Unicode Characters
44 Understanding ES6 Unicode Features

Applying Regular Expressions
45 Applying Regular Expressions
46 Iterating Over Matches
47 Matching an Email Address
48 Matching a Twitter Handle
49 Testing Passwords
50 Using Replace with Regular Expressions
51 Matching a Word Next to Another Word
52 Validating Dates
53 Capturing Matched Text
54 Discovering Information About a Match

55 Conclusion