NEW Cisco CCNA IPv4 Course!

NEW Cisco CCNA IPv4 Course!
NEW Cisco CCNA IPv4 Course!
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This course is geared to enhance your understanding of the IPv4 protocol.

This course will cover all aspects of IPv4. You will learn IP addressing, subnetting, VLSM, route summarization, wildcard masking, common network equipment. Discover the basic router administrative commands, configuring router interfaces, planning a network infrastructure and many other topics that are important and needed, not just for certification purposes, but also for real-world scenarios.

You will also see how to assign IP addresses to PCs and Routers as well as gain an understanding of the TCP/IP properties such as gateways. In Laz’s style of teaching, the course is very laid back to make the topics covered more digestible and easier for anyone to understand. IPv4 course will help you in becoming comfortable with, not only with the IPv4 protocol, but it will also help you in preparing for any networking certification and Computer Science Degree; not to mention the fact that for those that are going for a Cisco certification exam. It will help you in calculating IP addresses without a calculator since a calculator is NOT allowed in the testing site.

By the end of the course, you would be able to expedite the way you convert in order to make you faster, better and stronger to pass the Cisco CCNA IPv4 test


  • This course will prepare students to subnet without using a calculator
  • Discover how to calculate IP addresses without a calculator
  • Assign IP addresses to PCs and routers as well as gain an understanding of the TCP/IP properties such as gateways
  • Configure your IP address on a router’s interface through the CLI
  • Test the network for connectivity using various commands
Table of Contents

Introduction to the IPv4 Course
1 Introduction

IP Addressing
2 Introduction to Section
3 Common Hardware used on a Network
4 What is an IP Address
5 Special IP Addresses
6 Classes of IP Addresses
7 The Subnetmask
8 Summary of Section

Introduction to Conversions and Basic Configurations
9 Introduction to Section
10 CIDR to Dotted Decimal Conversions
11 Planning your Interface
12 Assigning your IP’s to end Devices
13 Summary of Section

Introduction to Basic Router Configurations and IP’s
14 Introduction to Section
15 Basic Router Configurations
16 Configuring a Router Interface
17 Private IP’s VS Public IP’s
18 Summary of Section

19 Introduction to Subnetting Section
20 The need for Subnetting
21 How do we Subnet
22 Subnetting Different Classes of IPv4 Addresses
23 The Magical Line Concept
24 Summary of Section

25 Introduction to Summarization Section
26 How to Summarize the Binary way
27 The Importance of Summarization
28 Summary of Section

29 Introduction to the VLSM Section
30 What is VLSM
31 How do we calculate VLSM networks
32 Summary of Section

Wildcard masking
33 Introduction to the Wildcard Masking section
34 How do we calculate Wildcard mask
35 Examples of using wildcard masking
36 Summary of Section

Summary of the Course