Python, JS, & React | Build a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Python, JS, & React | Build a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
Python, JS, & React | Build a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 15 Hours | 5.12 GB

Build a blockchain and cryptocurrency with Python, JavaScript, and React! Backend and frontend web development included!

Why should you take this course?

Let me put on my salesman hat, and respond that the real question is “why shouldn’t you take this course”?

The course includes Python, Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies, Web Development (Backend and Frontend), JavaScript, React JS, React Hooks and more. By investing in this course, you’re really getting your bang for you buck.

Want to add learn software programming, while adding relevant languages/technologies to your portfolio? This course is perfect. According to stackoverflow (2019 developer survey), Python is the fastest-growing major programming language today. React.js is the most loved web framework. And there’s no doubt that blockchains and cryptocurrencies are on the cutting edge of modern technology.

Want to learn Python and/or JavaScript? This course is for all levels. If you’re a newcomer, you’ll get a from-scratch experience. But the course journey is completely in your hands. If you’re more experienced, feel free to skip the introductory sections for Python and JavaScript to get right into building the project.

The course is designed to help you achieve three main goals:

  • Learn Python and Backend Web Development.
  • Build a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Project that you can add to your portfolio.
  • Learn JavaScript, Frontend Web Development, React.js, and React Hooks.

The course’s main project is to build a blockchain and cryptocurrency. With a blockchain and cryptocurrency system as the main goal, you will go through a course journey that starts with backend development using Python. Then, you will transaction to frontend web development with JavaScript, React.js, and React Hooks.

Here’s an overview of the overall course journey:

  • Get an introduction of the Python Fundamentals.
  • Begin building the Blockchain Application with Python.
  • Test the Application using Pytest.
  • Incorporate the crucial concept of Proof of Work into the Blockchain.
  • Enhance the application to prepare for networking.
  • Create the Blockchain network using Flask and Pub/Sub.
  • Integrate the Cryptocurrency, building Wallets, Keys, and Transactions.
  • Extend the network implementation with the cryptocurrency.
  • Transition from Python to JavaScript with a “From Python to JavaScript” introduction.
  • Establish frontend web development skills and begin coding with React.js.
  • Create the frontend portion for the blockchain portion of the system.
  • Complete the frontend by building a UI for the cryptocurrency portion of the system.

In addition, here are the skills that you’ll gain from the course:

  • How to build a blockchain and cryptocurrency system from scratch.
  • The fundamentals of python – data structures, object-oriented programming, modules, and more.
  • The ins and outs of hashing and sha256.
  • Encoding and decoding in utf-8.
  • Testing Python applications with pytest.
  • Python virtual environments.
  • The concept of proof of work, and how it pertains to mining blocks.
  • Conversion between hexadecimal to binary.
  • HTTP APIs and requests.
  • How to create APIs with Python Flask.
  • The publish/subscribe pattern to set up networks.
  • When to apply the concepts of serialization and deserialization.
  • Public/private keypairs and generating data signatures.
  • The fundamentals of JavaScript.
  • Frontend web development and how web applications are constructed.
  • The core concepts of React and React hooks.
  • How the React engine works under the hood, and how React applies hooks.
  • CORS – and how to get over the CORS error properly.
  • How to build a pagination system.
Table of Contents

1 Course Goals and Curriculum Overview
2 Build a Blockchain with Python in 13 Minutes Lightning Version

Python Fundamentals
3 Section Preview Python Fundamentals
4 Code Classes and Object-Oriented Programming
5 Section Summary Python Fundamentals
6 Set up Python and other Software Installations (Mac, Linux, and Windows)
7 Python Interpreter and Fundamentals
8 Strings and Variables
9 Functions
10 Control Flow Booleans, Comparison Operators, and If Statements
11 Loops While and For
12 Data Structures Lists, Sets, and Dictionaries
13 Overview Classes and Object-Oriented Programming

Start the Blockchain Application
14 Section Preview Start the Blockchain Application
15 Encoding and Decoding in UTF-8 An Overview
16 The Hashing Algorithm Part 2, and Lambda Functions
17 Section Summary Start the Blockchain Application
18 The Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies – What, Why, and How
19 The Blockchain and Block class
20 Course Repository
21 Modules and main
22 Mining Blocks and the Genesis Block
23 Update add block and Static Methods
24 The Hashing Algorithm Part 1
25 Hashing and SHA-256

Test the Application
26 Section Preview Test the Application
27 Virtual Environments, Pip, and Pytest
28 Organize the Application into Packages
29 Test the Application
30 Test the Blockchain
31 Section Summary Test the Application

Proof of work
32 Section Preview Proof of Work
33 Proof of Work and the 51% Attack
34 Difficulty and the Nonce Value
35 Dynamic Difficulty and the Mine Rate
36 Test Adjust Difficulty
37 Proof of Work System Average Work Script
38 Hex to Binary Conversion
39 Test hex to binary
40 Section Summary Proof of Work

Preparing the Blockchain for Collaboration
41 Section Preview Preparing the Blockchain for Collaboration
42 Chain Validation and Replacement Overview
43 Validate a Block
44 Test is valid block
45 Chain Validation
46 Chain Replacement
47 Section Summary Preparing the Blockchain for Collaboration

The Blockchain Network – Flask API and PubSub
48 Section Preview The Blockchain Network
49 Peer Instances
50 Broadcast Blocks
51 Add Received Blocks
52 Synchronize a Peer on Startup
53 Section Summary The Blockchain Network
54 APIs, HTTP, and Flask Overview
55 Set Up Flask
56 GET the Blockchain Data
57 Respond with the blockchain as JSON
58 Mine Block Request
59 Real-Time Messaging Network through PubSub
60 Set up PubNub
61 PubSub Class

The Cryptocurrency Wallets, Keys, and Transactions
62 Section Preview The Cryptocurrency
63 Test Transaction Updates
64 Validate Transactions
65 Section Summary The Cryptocurrency
66 Wallets, Keys, and Transactions Overview
67 Wallets and Cryptography Module
68 Sign Data
69 Verify Signatures
70 Test the Wallet
71 Transactions
72 Test Transactions
73 Transaction Updates

Transactions on the Network
74 Section Preview Transactions on the Network
75 Section Summary Transactions on the Network
76 Download Postman
77 Transact Endpoint
78 Serialize the Wallet Public Key
79 Encode the Signature and a Successful POST Transact
80 Transaction Pool Overview
81 Transaction Pool Code
82 Broadcast Transactions
83 Transaction Updates in the API and TruthyFalsy values

Connect the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
84 Section Preview Connect the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
85 Validate Mining Rewards
86 Transaction Chain Validations
87 Test Transaction Chain Validations
88 Check Historic Balances
89 Section Summary Connect the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
90 Mine Transactions
91 Test App Script
92 Clear Blockchain Transactions
93 Calculate Wallet Balances Overview
94 Calculate Wallet Balances Code
95 Test Calculate Wallet Balance
96 Balance Property and Wallet Info Endpoint
97 Mining Reward

The Backend Review and Frontend Preview
98 The Backend Review and Frontend Preview

From Python to JavaScript
99 Section Preview From Python to JavaScript
100 From Python to JavaScript Part 1
101 From Python to JavaScript Part 2
102 Section Summary From Python to JavaScript

Introduction to Web Development, React, and React Hooks
103 Section Preview Introduction to Web Development, React, and React Hooks
104 Section Summary Introduction to Web Development, React, and React Hooks
105 A 7m Introduction to Web Development (and its relationship to React)
106 The Core Concepts of React
107 Install Node.js and Npx
108 Set Up the Application
109 UseState
110 UseEffect
111 The React Runtime and How React Applies Hooks
112 UseState Under the Hood

Frontend Blockchain
113 Section Preview Frontend Blockchain
114 Paginated Blockchain in the Frontend
115 Section Summary Frontend Blockchain
116 Wallet Info Display
117 Backend Interlude Cors
118 Blockchain Component
119 Block Component and Props
120 Transaction Component
121 Toggle the Transaction Data
122 Backend Interlude Seed the Backend with Data
123 Backend Interlude Blockchain Pagination Endpoints

Frontend Cryptocurrency
124 Section Preview Frontend Cryptocurrency
125 Conduct Transaction Component
126 React Router and History
127 Known addresses Backend and UI
128 Transaction Pool Backend and UI
129 Navigate to transaction-pool and Poll Transactions
130 Mine Transactions Frontend
131 Section Summary Frontend Cryptocurrency

132 Conclusion and Congratulations
133 Bonus Lecture More Material!