RESTful Services with Delphi

RESTful Services with Delphi
RESTful Services with Delphi
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Create RESTFul services with the power of Delphi IDE to solve a practical business problem

Nowadays, most web services work as RESTFul services. Enterprise systems are shifting towards micro-systems. With a RESTFul service, we usually have client applications operating on various platforms. At present, only one tool is capable of a building a RESTFul web service along with the client’s applications using a single code base—an that’s Delphi!

In this course, you’ll learn to use the Delphi IDE to construct a complete system. We’ll show you how to create Server, Android, and Windows clients in a fast and efficient way. You’ll learn to code VCL applications and work with embedded SQL databases. You’ll also develop a RESTful application based on DataSnap technology with WebBroker. Finally, you’ll build a complete courier software system using Delphi with a single codebase. This course assumes prior basic knowledge of the Delphi programming language and its IDE, together with basic knowledge of SQL.


  • Design a Windows desktop application using Visual Component Library (VCL)
  • Code an Android application with FireMonkey (FMX)
  • Build a RESTful application on DataSnap with WebBroker
  • Work with data sources and embedded SQL Databases: FireDAC and dbExpress
  • Know how to solve a complex business problem of courier services
Table of Contents

What Can Delphi and RESTful Services Do for Me
1 The Course Overview
2 Why Is Delphi the Best Fit for Particular Business Problems
3 Why Choose the REST Technology
4 Working with Microservices
5 Problem Analysis and Solution Plan

Data Structures and Database Creation
6 Defining Data That Will Be Used in the System
7 Database Development
8 Working with Embedded SQL Databases

Building Your Own RESTful Server
9 Working with DataSnap Wizard
10 Analyzing the Generated Code
11 Creating REST Methods
12 Building a RESTful Server with DataSnap
13 How We Can Build a RESTful Server Using WebBroker

Developing a Windows Desktop Client Application
14 Why Use VCL Libraries
15 Designing Your Windows Application
16 Creating Login, User, and Order Entry Forms
17 Developing Other Forms

Developing an Android Client Application
18 Why Use FMX Libraries
19 Designing Your Android Application
20 Creating the Forms

Wiring Up Your Server, Windows, and Android Application
21 Constructing Your System (Connecting All Apps)
22 Overview of the System Built and Microservices
23 How to Use the System for Business