Serverless and Microservices for AWS

Serverless and Microservices for AWS
Serverless and Microservices for AWS
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The benefit of serverless architectures are well-defined. Serverless helps developers focus on what they do best—building solutions—without the difficulty of managing and scaling infrastructure. However, when it comes to implementation, the instructions are much less clear. In this course, developer and AWS Community Hero Aileen Smith explores both the how and the why of serverless microservices architectures in AWS. Learn how to leverage Lambda functions and Elastic Container Service (ECS) components, choose the right integration technology, configure an API for access, and coordinate serverless workflows with Step Functions. Aileen also shows how to transition an existing application to serverless and solve common deployment and management challenges.

Topics include:

  • Serverless technologies on AWS
  • What are microservices?
  • Building serverless components on AWS
  • Hybrid architectures
  • Serverless machine learning
  • Transitioning an existing application to serverless
  • Serverless challenges and solutions
Table of Contents

1 Why serverless Why microservices
2 What you should know

Serverless on AWS
3 Serverless and microservices in action
4 Serverless landscape on AWS
5 How to choose a serverless technology

A Quick Intro to Microservices
6 What is a microservice
7 When should you use microservices

Building Serverless Components on AWS
8 Serverless architectures on AWS
9 Hybrid architectures
10 Serverless compute
11 AWS connecting the dots, part I
12 AWS connecting the dots, part 2
13 The importance of APIs
14 Serverless machine learning
15 Orchestration
16 All the serverless pieces in action

Transitioning an Existing Application
17 Decomposing the monolith
18 The transition period

Managing Serverless in the AWS World
19 Deployment strategies
20 Development challenges and solutions
21 Operational challenges and solutions

22 Next steps