Serverless Web Applications with React and Firebase

Serverless Web Applications with React and Firebase
Serverless Web Applications with React and Firebase by Harmeet Singh, Mayur Tanna
English | 2018 | ISBN: 1788477413 | 284 Pages | EPUB | 114 MB

Serverless Web Applications with React and Firebase: Develop real-time applications for web and mobile platforms
Build rich and collaborative applications using client-side code with React, Redux, and Firebase
ReactJS is a wonderful framework for UI development. Firebase as a backend with React is a great choice as it is easy, powerful, and provides great developer experience. It removes a lot of boilerplate code from your app and allows you to focus on your app to get it out quickly to users. Firebase with React is also a good choice for Most Viable Product (MVP) development.
This book provides more practical insights rather than just theoretical concepts and includes basic to advanced examples – from hello world to a real-time seat booking app and Helpdesk application
This book will cover the essentials of Firebase and React.js and will take you on a fast-paced journey through building real-time applications with Firebase features such as Cloud Storage, Cloud Function, Hosting and the Realtime Database. We will learn how to secure our application by using Firebase authentication and database security rules. We will leverage the power of Redux to organize data in the front-end, since Redux attempts to make state mutations predictable by imposing certain restrictions on how and when updates can happen. Towards the end of the book you will have improved your React skills by realizing the potential of Firebase to create real-time serverless web applications.
What You Will Learn

  • Install powerful React.js and Firebase tools to make development much more efficient
  • Create React components with Firebase to save and retrieve the data in real-time
  • Use Firebase Authentication to make your React user interface secure
  • Develop React and Firebase applications with Redux integration
  • Firebase database security rules
  • Firebase Cloud Storage Integration to upload and store data on the cloud
  • Create a complete real-time application with React and firebase
  • Using Firebase Cloud messaging and Cloud functions with React
  • Firebase Cloud Storage integration with React