Test-driven Development: The Big Picture

Test-driven Development: The Big Picture
Test-driven Development: The Big Picture
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Test-driven development is a development practice that helps runaway maintenance costs, and enables developers to build higher quality software. This course shows you why test-driven development is important and what problems it can solve.

Developing software can be expensive. Surprisingly, much of this cost is found in the maintenance of the software. Test-driven development aims to help with these runaway costs, as well as enabling developers to build higher quality software. In this course, Test-driven Development: The Big Picture, you'll learn the basics of test-driven development, a development practice aimed at building high quality software. First, you'll explore what test-driven development is and why it exists. Next, you'll learn the different terminology and tools of the trade when doing test-driven development. Finally, you'll learn how to utilize test-driven development by working through a series of test-driven development examples. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the necessary knowledge to start building software using your test-driven development skills, and improve the quality of software.

Table of Contents

Course Overview
01 - Course Overview - Course Overview

What Is Test-driven Development (TDD)
02 Introduction
03 Getting the Most from This Course
04 Software Development Challenges
05 What Is TDD
06 History of TDD
07 Why Practice TDD
08 Summary

Different Ways of Testing Applications
09 Introduction
10 Types of Testing
11 Testing Frameworks and Tools
12 Testing Concepts
13 Insights from Testing
14 Summary

Test-driven Development in Action
15 Introduction
16 Setup
17 FizzBuzz TDD
18 Stack Code Kata
19 Generic Stack Code Kata
20 Immutable Stack Code Kata
21 Summary

Strategies and Techniques for Testing Code
22 Introduction
23 Dependency Injection
24 Test Doubles
25 Best Practices
26 Summary

Looking out for Test-driven Development Gotchas
27 Introduction
28 Anti-patterns
29 Limitations of TDD
30 Common Questions
31 Course Summary