Try .NET First Look

Try .NET First Look
Try .NET First Look
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Wish you could give learners a more hands-on experience with .NET as they peruse your documentation on the web? With Try .NET, an embeddable code runner from Microsoft, you can. Using this tool, you can bring the concepts in your articles to life by allowing your readers to try out .NET code in the browser. In this concise course, learn how to get up and running with Try .NET. Instructor Walt Ritscher provides a first look at this powerful tool as he steps through a project, showing you how to add sample code and Markdown to create interactive code examples for .NET documentation.

Table of Contents

1 Create interactive code examples for .NET documentation

Use Try .NET
2 Try.NET overview
3 Quick look at Microsoft examples
4 Install and configure Try.NET
5 Explore the course projects in Visual Studio
6 The two essential Try .NET commands
7 Add a Markdown document to the project
8 Add sample code to the project
9 Run Try.NET and view document
10 Explore the Microsoft template project code
11 Explore the multiple example code structure
12 Explore the multiple example Markdown structure
13 Run Try.NET and view the multiple example project

Continuing Your Journey
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