VMware vSphere 6.5 Advanced Storage

VMware vSphere 6.5 Advanced Storage
VMware vSphere 6.5 Advanced Storage
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Learn how to set up and administer storage environments using vSphere 6.5, the data center virtualization platform from VMware. This course covers advanced vSphere storage concepts, topics which are part of the VMware Certified Professional exam. Instructor Rick Crisci starts the course by explaining the basics of storage performance and shows how to work with datastores, iSCSI, and independent hardware. Then, he moves on to advanced storage administration, covering host storage, DRS settings, vSAN, and virtual volumes. He wraps up by demonstrating how to use multipathing plugin, SIOC, and VMFS.

Topics include:

  • Storage commands
  • Virtualized operating systems
  • Securing storage traffic
  • Network topology
  • Connections and arrays
  • VMkernel port
  • Local and shared storage
  • Storage adapters
  • Configuring encryption options
  • Creating clones and snapshots
  • Storage performance and availability
  • Failure management
  • Analyzing metadata
Table of Contents

vSphere Storage Basics
1 Storage performance overview
2 Independent hardware iSCSI
3 VMFS and NFS datastores
4 NFS 3 and NFS v4.1 datastores
5 Demo Create an NFS datastore
6 Introduction to iSCSI
7 Software iSCSI
8 Demo Configure software iSCSI
9 Demo Create a VMFS datastore on iSCSI
10 Dependent hardware iSCSI

vSphere Storage Advanced Concepts
11 Demo ESXi host storage configuration
12 Storage DRS
13 Introduction to vSAN (Virtual SAN)
14 vSAN network and object storage
15 Demo Working with vSAN
16 Virtual Volumes (VVOL)
17 Demo Storage multipathing plugins
18 Demo Storage I O Control (SIOC)
19 VMFS metadata consistency