Vue.js: Full-Stack Applications with Firebase

Vue.js: Full-Stack Applications with Firebase
Vue.js: Full-Stack Applications with Firebase
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Front-end developers can quickly assemble useful applications by combining the Vue.js front-end framework with the easily accessible power of the Firebase server engine from Google. In this course, join Ray Villalobos as he demonstrates how to create a working single-page app using the Vue.js framework layered on the Firebase cloud platform. Ray goes beyond the basics, demonstrating how to build an app with features like user registration and authentication. Plus, learn how to allow multiple users to engage with your project both on and offline, program random user selection, create security rules, and more.

Topics include:

  • Adding Firebase
  • Setting up authentication with Firebase
  • Reading dynamics snapshots
  • Creating dynamic routes
  • Displaying checked-in users
  • Updating records
  • Searching for data
  • Creating security rules
Table of Contents

1 Why build apps with Firebase and Vue
2 Using the exercises for this course
3 Installation with Vue CLI
4 Adding additional modules
5 Customizing your routes
6 Importing a sub-component
7 Icons and custom colors
8 Adding Firebase
9 Setting up Firebase Authentication
10 Logging in a user
11 Handling Firebase Authentication events
12 Creating a new user
13 Updating your profile
14 Logging out
15 Updating auth state
16 Adding meeting info
17 Reading dynamic snapshots
18 Displaying your meeting info
19 Sorting your list
20 Deleting a record
21 Creating dynamic routes
22 Checking users in
23 Displaying checked in users
24 Adding admin buttons
25 Emailing and adding
26 Updating a record
27 Searching for data
28 Random user and resetting
29 Creating security rules
30 Next steps