Windows Server 2019: Advanced Networking Features

Windows Server 2019: Advanced Networking Features
Windows Server 2019: Advanced Networking Features
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Get the IT job that you’ve been looking for by advancing networking skills. Join Microsoft Certified Trainer and Solutions Expert Robert McMillen as he teaches you about the advanced networking features of Windows Server 2019. Learn how to network and secure virtual and physical computers. See a demonstration of high-performance networking, including how to work with Hyper-V and physical hosts. Robert also covers NIC teaming, ultra-fast SMB communications, VPN to Microsoft Azure linking, GRE tunnels, load balancing, and ISCSI. Additionally, he explains new and interesting ways to use ICMP tools and discusses the new and improved features of Windows Server 2019.

Topics include:

  • Hyper-V Virtual Switch
  • HTTPS v2
  • Cubic and Ledbat
  • Kubernetes support
  • Azure network adapter
  • Configuring NIC teams
  • Virtual networks
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Firewalls and security
Table of Contents

1 Network and secure computers with Windows Server 2019

Advanced Networking Introduction
2 Introducing new advanced networking features
3 Jumbo packets and MTU
4 ISCSI target and initiator
5 Configuring MPIO
6 Introduction to advanced networking terminology
7 Windows Admin Center
8 Getting familiar with ICMP
9 Tracing routes in Windows
10 Listening and connecting ports
11 Command line routing
12 Corrupt TCPIP stack
13 Change IPs using netsh and PowerShell

Windows Server 2019 Networking Advanced Enhancements
14 Hyper-V Virtual Switch
15 HTTP 2
17 Data Plane Dev Kit
18 Kubernetes support
19 Azure Network Adapter
20 Keeping time

High-Performance Interfaces
21 Configuring NIC Teams
22 Switch Embedded Teaming (SET)
23 Receive side scaling (RSS)
24 QoS with Data Center Bridging (DCB)

High-Performance Environments
25 RDMA network cards
26 SMB Multichannel
27 SMB Direct

Virtual Networks
28 Dynamic VMMQ concepts
29 Demo Enabling VMQ
30 Single Root I O virtualization
31 Configuring SR-IOV

Software Defined Networks
32 SDN concepts
33 SDN requirements
34 SDN network controller
35 SDN using Hyper-V
36 GRE tunneling
37 Load balancing

Firewalls and Security
38 Windows Server Gateway
39 HNV site to site VPN
40 Datacenter Firewall concepts
41 Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection

42 Next steps