WordPress: Workflows

WordPress: Workflows
WordPress: Workflows
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If your WordPress workflow is streamlined from the start, development is simpler, more organized, and more efficient—all the way through to publication. This course takes your WordPress knowledge to the next level by covering three common WordPress workflows. First, learn a time-tested workflow for building a WordPress site: from choosing a host to launching a site. Next, discover how to build a child theme. Finally, review the tools and techniques professionals use to develop sites for clients, including setting up a staging environment and version control. Developer and WordPress educator Joe Casabona concludes with a look at some advanced tools you might want to put into your workflows, including automated testing and static site tools.

Topics include:

  • Choosing a domain
  • Choosing a theme and plugins
  • Managing media
  • Defining a child theme
  • Testing a child theme
  • Building a custom site
  • Creating multiple environments
  • Syncing content
  • Testing and publishing the client site
  • Automated testing
  • Static site generators for WordPress
Table of Contents

1 What are WordPress workflows
2 What you should know
3 Our workflows
4 Your project checklist
5 Tips for choosing a domain
6 Setting up WordPress on a live host
7 Working with content in WordPress
8 Evaluating themes and plugins
9 Managing media in WordPress
10 The customizer and advanced customizing methods
11 Launching and other resources
12 What is a child theme
13 Setting up a local dev environment
14 Defining our child theme
15 Migrating a live site to local
16 Testing our theme with extreme content
17 How to handle new content locally
18 Moving our child theme live
19 Wrapping up
20 Building custom sites with WordPress
21 Defining roles and responsibilities
22 Creating multiple environments
23 Publishing content to the staging server
24 Setting up a local dev environment
25 Syncing content between environments
26 Using version control
27 An example theme development workflow with Git
28 Testing the site
29 Taking the site live
30 Wrapping up
31 What are advanced tools and workflows
32 Grunt, Gulp, and other build tools
33 Automated testing
34 A note on Gutenberg and React
35 Static site generators
36 Next steps